ting is over charging minuts

Everyone look at your usage and you will see that Ting is charging you for the claimed free voicemail. Also Ting is rounding up your minutes!

Your bill will show voice mail free then after it shows that you called yourself and they charge you 1 minute or simply a 1 min charge showing you called yourself. In regards to the round up in minutes simply call a for check your usage if your phone records it and you will see the proof. 



  • I believe all carriers that charge by the minute round up to the next minute. So if a call lasts 35 seconds they will all count it as 1 minute.

    For voicemail I think it shows up as usage but at the end of our bill cycle the voicemail calls are not counted.

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  • Hey Robert, 

    Ben is on-point with both answers. Our network providers charge by the minute, so we do as well.

    As for voicemail, you're right that the minutes will show up on your call history and in your usage. But, again, as Ben points out, those minutes are deducted from your total balance at the end of the month, and you are not charged for voicemail calls. 

    The same goes for 911 calls and calls to us at 855-TING-FTW. They will show on your usage meters and in your billing history, but when we "settle up" after your bill closes, you'll notice we do not charge for either of those calls, either.

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