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I, as well as at least some other percentage of current/future TING customers I'm sure, work from home.  As a result, my employer offers a reimbursement for my ISP bill.  However, for the reimbursement to be accepted, an account number needs to be listed on the submitted bill (as a federal employee, attaching a screen shot of my account info page is not an acceptable solution).  I have had multiple past ISP's, all of which have provided this information on their bills, thus allowing me to receive my reimbursement.  Could we please have the associated account number listed on our downloadable bill so I don't have to switch providers to receive my reimbursement? I have really enjoyed having your service thus far, and would like to keep it!  



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  • Hey Jonathan, 

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll bring this up at our next features request meeting, and see if this is something we can bake into our PDF printing system.

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