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 A common request we see is relating to data pricing and its cost, given the competitive price of family unlimited data plans.

While the silver lining of pay-for-use is that we do not throttle data, we do regularly receive inquiries related to future pricing plans for data.

So, are there any plans to lower the cost of data, or perhaps introduce a self-imposed throttle for a lower price (ie $10/GB for LTE, $7/GB for 3G or something similar)?



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  • Justen posted about a self-throttle here:

    We've thought about building the ability for customers to "self-throttle" to help control data usage. For example, you might slow your kids down to 2G speeds to help limit the damage from YouTube when not on Wi-Fi, etc.

    We don't love the concept of throttling by carriers, though, which has made us a little hesitant to even build the ability on a you-control-it basis. ("Ting" and "throttling" in the same sentence just feels off to us, as believers in net neutrality.)

    As for data pricing, that's always up for discussion.

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