We NEED an unlimited data plan!

Hi there,

We LOVE Ting, and have turned may friends and family members onto Ting. BUT, with 3 teens and 1 almost teen, I have severe data limits in place for my kids in order to keep my bill around $100.

Quite literally, every other day, one of my kids gives me info from other Sprint Network 3rd party vendors that are offering $20-25/phone for unlimited date, and/or free iphone upgrades, etc... it's getting harder and harder to justify sticking with Ting if it doesn't work for the average kid in 2018! Especially when their schools don't offer up the schools wifi codes, etc.

Please consider some type of plan! We REALLY don't want to leave Ting.




  • Hi Derek,

     An unlimited plan is something that we are just never going to have, we believe in our pay for what you use services and the options that it gives our customers. We know that this way of mobile will not fit everyone's needs and that there are those that want more mobile usage out of their phones. If your children are getting to that age where you want them to have more data on their phones than you might have come to the point where we are no longer a good fit. We totally understand this and as much as we will miss having you on Ting there is probably a company that will align with your growing usage better than we would. 

     When looking for a new carrier be careful of any upfront costs and long term contracts that are going to cost you more in the end. Also, if you ever want to come back to Ting we would be more than happy to have you.    

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  • Well, I was testing Ting service for a while and upon calling to cancel 10 minutes ago, Ting has offered unlimited plan for $45. Just so you know.

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