CDMA Coverage: Extended vs Roaming

I am happy with your customer service, website functionality, plan features, and native coverage where I live and work in my 3.5 years with Ting. I want to address Ting vs. Sprint: data roaming but now 4 years later.

Sprint does not have as much native coverage as does Ting's GSM partner. Ting's data coverage reflects that. However, in the last few years Sprint has rolled out Extended coverage. says (in the Cons section) that most Sprint MVNOs are prepaid and therefore only get access to Sprint's prepaid network (enter a zipcode then zoom out). However, postpaid customers (directly of Sprint) get access to Sprint's postpaid network, which includes Extended data coverage on partner networks that is included in the Sprint plan and not counted toward roaming limits. Since Ting is a postpaid MVNO, wouldn't it make sense for Ting to get Extended data coverage too? That would sure set Ting apart from other Sprint MVNOs that might have lower rates, but only offer prepaid coverage.

This raises another point. Several years ago, Sprint's coverage map looked like the small 2x3 inch box that Ting CDMA now shows. If Ting only has access to Sprint's prepaid coverage, can the map at least be updated to pull from the same, easier to navigate, 3x5 map as the prepaid network I linked above?




  • Hey Kevin,

    It would make sense that we should get Extended Data coverage on partner networks, but that's sadly not currently baked into our agreement with Sprint.

    We're still under the auspices of a 'prepaid' MVNO, even though we technically collect after the fact, and are a postpaid carrier. To Sprint, we have coverage identical to any prepaid MVNO, including its own brands, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. 

    As for the coverage map, we're limited to what they provide to us. This is why the GSM coverage map looks remarkably different from the CDMA map, and why Sprint's own brands (Sprint Prepaid included) have different colors, sizes and styles. 

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  • Thank you Mitch!

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