Moto G5 Plus can't call a specific contact

When I try to call the contact from the contact list, I get this message:

You are not able to make calls to this number. The service you are attempting to use has been restricted or is unavailable. Please contact customer care for assistance. Message DC 15965 or DC 16065

I've reset the phone to factory settings but still no luck.

Does anyone have a clue?



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    Hi Michele,
    If the issue is only for that one contact it seems like they may have somehow blocked your number, it can happen by accident. I would ask them to double-check that you are not blocked or even remove and resave you on their phone as a contact. If the issue was happening when you call other numbers too then we could look at making sure the phone is set up for Ting, this would mean reconnecting to the network on CDMA or making sure the APNs are entered on GSM.
    Since you have reset the phone already and it does not sound like the problem is occurring with any other numbers I would start with checking with your contact, but please do get in touch if that does not fix it for you.

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