Please re-establish call forwarding setup through customer service

Julio Rovi

I'm a satisfied Ting customer. I travel overseas frequently, so I only pay for what I use. Often, I leave the country having forgotten to forward my Ting cell phone to my office (where calls can be cared for). When I realize this, I'm already overseas and my cell phone is out of Ting's network (T-mobile). Out of network means I cannot program the codes to set it up manually. In the past, a friendly call to Ting's awesome customer reps would set up forwarding. Today I found it this service was eliminated? Please set it up again! (and send me an email about it). Thanks!


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    Mitch S

    Hey Julio, 

    This feature was removed not on Ting's side, but on our network provider's side. Rather than being part of regular procedure, it was more of a workaround. Our network provider changed their policies so they no longer allow forwarding to be set on the network side, and it must be set on the phone. Because they no longer have access to change it, we no longer have access to change it. 

    I recommend setting a reminder to yourself before you leave the country to set up forwarding on your phone so you don't miss any calls.


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