Bucket anxiety

With two days left to go on my billing cycle I'm sitting at exactly 100 minutes (and 98 messages), so knowing that the next minutes bucket is $6 higher, for the next two days I'll be putting off any unnecessary phone calls and hoping no one calls me with anything unimportant, and then 3 days from now I'll quit worrying about it.  I know $6 is only the price of a burger, fries, and drink and not the end of the world if I go over, but the way my brain works I still can't help being aware of it and trying to avoid the price jump especially with so few days to go.

If there were one thing I'd change about Ting it would be the buckets, to either do plain old metered billing or make all the jumps smaller than $3.  For whatever reason the $2 jump that might happen with a few more SMS messages is not on my mind at all but the $6 one for a few more minutes is, but I'm sure that varies from person to person.  In any case I'm not going to leave Ting over it, the customer service and prices for multiple lines are too good, but just posting so that the company knows: this bucket anxiety thing does happen a lot of months.



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  • Hey Jeffery, 

    We understand your concerns about going over your usage bucket with just a few days left in your cycle. Whether or not you are charged for the next bucket will depend on how much usage you incur going into the next bucket.

    We are very flexible with the usage as we allow up to 5% buffer in between bucket rates to give you a little wiggle room. So for example, the Small bucket for minutes goes to 100 minutes. The buffer means that you don't go into the Medium bucket as soon as you hit 101 minutes--you've got 105 minutes. This applies to the S, M and L buckets for minutes and messages.

    We appreciate your feedback as we are always looking to improve our services. As of this moment, per unit pricing is not the model that we follow. If you would like to more about our pricing model and alternative solutions to saving minutes usage; please feel free to checks links below : 




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