HTC One M7 - Under one day of use! Fantastic condition.

I'm the original owner, and I purchased the phone through Ting to replace my primary phone. When I got the phone, I immediately put it into this case:

I never replaced my primary phone, and the HTC One M7 honestly wasn't used for long. I only used the phone for a few phone calls over the years, and it's practically untouched. Under the Otterbox, the phone is in phenomenal condition. I'll be shipping the original box, and paperwork, along with a (used) HTC wall charger and (used) HTC Micro-USB cord.

If the buyer wants my Otterbox case, I'll send that too. The only thing stopping this phone from being listed as "New" is that it's been activated, touched, and it's collected dust. Other than the dust and fingerprints, this phone is flawless.

I'll be happy to answer any other questions that you have, Thank you for your interest!




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