Ting now charging me "Multijurisdiction installment collection" taxes last 2 months

Anyone else receive a new line item in their Ting bill titled "Multijurisdiction installment collection"?  I have been charged this new tax for the last two months ($2.46 for my most recent bill) and Ting will not elaborate on who the tax is for or why.  Here is the Ting response when I asked for details on why I'm being charged this new and unknown tax:


Michael S. (Ting Help Center)

May 19, 21:09 EDT

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your email.

I guess the best way to say it is it's the tax system syncing itself up.  We get this information directly from tax authorities and it codes in the taxes.  We don't have any say in it.  Essentially their system omitted some small taxes last year and this is their way of rectifying it.


  • Mitch, I have sent an email to ting help email as directed. I have now paid this back tax for five months. Again, I repeat the sentiments of those above, if this was a fault of ting for not collecting adequate taxes, Ting should be eating that cost, not retroactively charging the customers for Ting's accounting errors. Please track down my email and follow up.
    Amy Franz

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  • So the people that have left Ting don't have to pay the uncollected back taxes, since they were never hit with this charge?

    Only those "select few" of us that are with Ting still getting billed every month get to pay? Are we being forced to make up for those that didn't pay theirs?

    I've been billed close to $20 over the last 6 months. Definitely time to move on. Sorry to those of you left that have to pay my portion, whatever it is.

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  • Seth Stalhman,

    Outrage culture?  If it weren't for people like me who don't allow companies like Ting to charge random unsubstantiated fees, your cell phone bill would be a lot higher.  Perhaps you need to understand that everyone is different and learn to respect those differences.  No one is outraged.....we simply decided to take our business elsewhere when we didn't like what is being offered.  Ting was never able to provide even the smallest bit of information about this new tax, which means they don't have their act together. 

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  • Ted Samuel,

    Not sure you actually know what spam is.  We're here to discuss Ting's unsubstantiated collection of back taxes.  I started this thread, so perhaps you should figure out how to exit politely if you don't like the conversation.

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