Apple Pay Support (iOS)

Please add Apple Pay support to the iOS Ting app. It would make thing much easier for paying securely - faster, as well. I'm happy to discuss this with anyone, but I'm sure you know the reasons.



  • Hey James, 

    Apple doesn't currently support recurring payments inside Apple Pay, and would require verification every time your bill is due. This is cumbersome for our customers, and is one of the reasons we've shied away from it. We prefer simplicity.

    If you're looking for a secure and fast way to pay without using a credit card directly with us, we do support Amazon Payments.

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  • Interesting perspective on simplicity…and different than mine. See, I hate automatic recurring payments. They have the potential of causing me problems. To me, it would be much simpler to have the Ting app support the ability to use Apple Pay (securely using whatever payment account I choose) to alert me that the billing cycle is up and to pay my bill by using my fingerprint. A matter of seconds for secure payment. And this without running the risk of getting an insufficient funds charge on an account where I purposely don't keep more than a view dollars to prevent errors and theft from emptying my accounts.

    Amazon Payments doesn't make things easier or more secure. That just moves me from paying you directly to using a relatively insecure service to pay you.

    I don't see how you think that using a fingerprint within your app to pay a current bill is not simple.

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  • James,

    Using Apple Pay would make more sense if Ting were a prepaid carrier. That is, we would collect payment before service, rather than after.

    That said, I'll be sure to bring up the feasibility of Apple Pay during our next features request meeting to see if it's something we could implement. 

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