New Motorola G6 owner !

Well I made the Jump from an iphone4s to this creature.....

Now what ?

Already having trouble accessing my voicemail  -_-

Too much google on this thing !!!

Considering an alternative OS.....

Tips on Privacy/Security lockdowns are welcome ( MY PHONE ! )

I long-press 1 for voicemail but I get an error message.

No new phone fun here -_-  fml.



  • Hi!

     It sounds like the voicemail needs to be set up on the phone. We can give a hand with that. We have a guide that you can check out or if you reach out to our customer support by phone or online chat one of our representatives can give a hand. 

     As for the switchover, from iPhone to Android I remember when I went through that myself. There was definitely some time needed to get used to the switch but once I used it I found that I didn't notice the difference between the two operating systems. The only thing that I found was different in my day to day was the iMessage blue was gone and having to use Skype instead of facetime. That was about it. 

     For Privacy and Security, I find that Motorola is really good at letting those that own their phones know what is going on and the update fairly regularly. I would bookmark this page that tells you when updates for your phone can be expected so that you can keep it up to date. When it comes to downloading apps on to your device from the Playstore always check out the reviews and see what people have said. The Playstore community is really good at letting people know what works well with what phone and what apps are no good. Then after that, it will just be a matter of getting use to the different operating system. The great thing about the Moto G6 is that it's a really popular phone that people are passionate about. Check out this article about some tips getting started with the device. It might help you get use to it and give you that new phone fun.

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  • Hey thanks,

    I also just fixed the voice mail, a simple edit was *86 now my darn phone number !

    Learning curve.


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  • Oh good! I'm glad that is out of the way and working. 

    It totally is a learning curve. I always found playing around with new phones more than usual helps and also asking questions. We're all here to help so anything that comes up just post and we'll give a hand. 

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