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I was getting ready to buy a new phone from Ting and saw the offer of financing through Affirm.  It said interest rates could be as low as 0%, which sounded great.  I clicked through and they wanted to charge me almost 10%, even though I have an excellent credit rating. Not sure who they would offer the 0% to.  Sounds misleading.  Luckily I can afford to just charge it to my card and pay it off in full.



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  • Hey John, 

    Per Affirm, there are limited circumstances and terms where the rate is completely 0%. We're changing something about how our shop website works to reflect this fact, and that should be live soon. You're not alone in finding that even with good credit, Affirm can't approve for 0% interest and we're working with them to find our best way forward. Stay tuned to out blog at for the latest on that. 

    If your credit card provides more-favorable terms to finance, you should absolutely go that route.

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