Add customer service hours (ideally to the main support page)

kyle Spier-Swenson

There is currently no place on the website that lists the hours for customer support I confirmed this with support staff, they could not find a page that contained the info. The help article that had them is currently locked and can't be seen by customers, only support staff.


The page that lists the customer support options should list the hours (it doesn't). Or at the least, list the closing time if they are open and the opening time if they are closed.



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    Christian Robinette

    The help article has been corrected to allow customers to allow access, thanks so much for letting us know!

    As for the hours being displayed on the support options page, it definitely makes sense so we will bring that up and see if we can get the hours listed as well.

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    Dr Braddlee

    This really, really does seem like customer interaction 101 - unless it's 24/7/365 - which is clearly not the case.

    Please don't make us guess when we can reach you.

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    Christian Robinette

    The current Contact us page will only indicate if we are open at the time you access the page so I will reach out and see if we can list our hours of operation there to make things clearer.

    You can always email us for non-essential stuff but we'd like to make sure that we are providing the clearest indication as to when we can be reached immediately for more pressing concerns.

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    Yeah it's kind of evasive and slimy to not list customer support phone hours on the "contact us" page... the kind of thing that evil heartless corporations do...  Ting is a pretty friendly company so I'm not sure why Ting doesn't provide this info.  It's inconvenient for trying to plan when to call or chat if you don't know when you can call or chat, or even on what days you can call or chat.  

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    Steven Escoffery
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    I agree with everyone else.  Ting is such a great company.  Why are the hours not listed on the "Contact Us" page?  And why would it take over six months, and this change still hasn't been made?  It makes me concerned.

    And, right now, I'm having to scour the website (and search engine listings), and I'm still not able to find what the hours are.  I need to call Ting tomorrow about something important, but my day is busy, and I'm not able to know whether I'll have time to call Ting in the morning, when I have time in my schedule.

    This is a change that needs to be made.  Thanks

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    Bill R

    I've been a loyal Ting customer since I signed up just a few weeks after Ting began to offer service to the general public. I have referred several people to Ting over the years (I think I only bothered with "referral codes" on two people who were low income so could really use the credit).

    I have complained to Ting about the lack of support hours being posted conspicuously before but apparently to no avail.

    I just was talking to someone who I referred and was trying to set up their phone and I followed the  'Support->Contact us' link in the main page footer only to find that both phone and chat support were 'CLOSED' -- and NO HINT AS TO WHAT HOURS ARE CURRENTLY.

    The hours should be posted right where the 'CLOSED' message is provided (actually, even if currently open, the hours should be posted there also).

    It was actually quite embarrassing as I had been promoting Ting's customer support to this person but the lack of easily accessible support hours in the obvious place belied what I had claimed.

    I probably won't be sending anyone to Ting again - but certainly won't until the 'Contact us' page includes the hours that each support option is available (and without searching - a conspicuous link to [Support Hours] on the 'Contact us' page would be fine).

    If Ting is this embarrassed by their support hours, I'm embarrassed to refer anyone to them again.


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