Nexus 6 (unlocked US version from Amazon) with LineageOS

Hi, im considering buying an unlocked Nexus 6 from Amazon to use with a SIM. I want to install LineageOS on it, but I have slight concerns about it having APN issues or not being able to call/send SMS texts. For example, sometimes people have to find some kind of custom file to get their APN working (the process of when and what phones need that isnt clear to me).

How likely is LineageOS to work with Ting? I have seen some posts on here about people using LineageOS, but not about the Nexus 6.



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  • Hi Julio,

     That's a tough one to answer here. Ting support team isn't trained in customized software for phones so I'm not sure how it would work with the Nexus 6. I might suggest taking a look at the Reddit forum for Lineage, it'll probably have a better source of users who have experienced what you are doing and Reddit is generally friendly. 

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