Anyone know of a good program to recover data on a dead Galaxy S4?  I see several online, but I'm not sure about how legitimate they are.



  • Hi Scott,

     I can't say that I've had any luck with a Data recovery program. I've always steered away from them because of the legitimacy of them. Was any of the information that you were looking for backed up to the Google Account that was on the phone?  

  • Most of what I had on the phone was saved on an SD card or can be recovered on my Google account.  However, there are some photos/videos as well as some contacts and text messages that I'd like to get back.

  • Update: Good news!  My phone came back on just long enough to move the last of my videos/pics to my SD card and backup text messages/contacts using My Backup Pro.  --Then proceeded to die again right after it had all been backed up.

    Good reminder to everyone then to back up their data!

  • Oh, that's awesome! That's the best when something like that happens!

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