Ting toWebsite suggestion

it would be nice to have an easier way to navigate from the ting help center back to the main site. There seems to be no easy way to do so. Perhaps top left corner “ mobile” “internet” “main page”. Or perhaps clocking ting logo goes back to ting.com but clocking help center is help.ting.com. 

Sounds silly I know but you would be proud... I just like to browse ting.com and help.ting.com as much as my wife likes Facebook and that’s a lot. 



  • Hi,

     Thanks for reaching out to us and for letting us know. When I'm in the Ting Help Center on the desktop the mobile and internet buttons are there in the top left. Were you looking on a mobile layout? 

  • Yes on mobile. The bottoms are there on mobile. The issue is I cannot simply tap on anything to leave help.ting.com and go to ting.com. I have to clock in the search bar and delete then type ting.com or back arrow through a billion pages. 

  • *buttons. Not bottoms. 

    *click. Not clock. 

    Stupid iPad predictive text 

  • WAIT.....fat fingers, sleep deprive android user on iPad. Nvm....it all works. Ignore me lol. 

  • Sounds good. Getting used to the different OS can be annoying but once you've used it a bunch I find that it becomes second nature and easier to switch from one to the other. 

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