SOLD: Home Phone Connect 4 - $69


A Home Phone Connect 4, in like new condition, and ready to run on Ting.

$69 (includes shipping in mainland US), payable via PayPal.



  • Do you still have it & why are you selling it?

  • @Richard, yes I still have it. I switched to Google Voice for landline calls so don't need the Home Phone Connect any longer.

  • So if I was to buy that from you I would need to get a new sim card ?

  • No, it's a CDMA device so does not require a SIM card. You would just work with Ting to get it configured as a BYOD device. You could obtain a new number or have an existing one ported over to it.

  • I am willing to pay 60.00 for this. My email address is Let me know what you want to do & we can make  this a done deal

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