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We have 4 iPhones on our account.  I don't know why or what is eating our data, but I was shocked to see that we used over 16G of data last month.  At that data rate, Ting no longs has a price advantage - I can save over half by going to an unlimited data plan on many pay-as-you-go service providers.

I think trying to convince my teenagers to turn off or regulate their data is a non-starter.  What I'd really like is:

1) to stay with Ting

2) for Ting to offer a family plan with higher discounts for data, or better yet - an unlimited data bucket

3) a way to throttle data at various limits.  The only option right now is to turn off data completely at a user-selected limits - unacceptable since we use phons to stay in touch with our kids throughout the day (we use Hangouts to communicate which requires data).  Throttling data would help limit usage while still allowing continuous connections.

Unless Ting can make data more affordable, I'm afraid that I'll have to go elsewhere for our service - sad since I really do like Ting and their great customer service, but it's not worth about double the cost for our situation.






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  • Hey Dan, 

    Please reach out to our support team at and reference your point #2, and tell them I sent you. We might have something that works for everyone.

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