The new rate's table is terrible.

As Ting customer I wanted to review expected / possible costs of adding another phone. Now when clicking on the "Rates" menu to find the old table, showing the different tiers/levels for each category - minutes, texts, and data - has been replaced with a very unfriendly user drop-down table that only shows one item at a time.

Why would anyone exploring Ting or long time Ting member want this format? It's not user friendly and does not present the summary of information at all. The old table presents the same information in one view, instead of making the users click each section (hiding the previous) to get the information they want. Even after clicking through the new page for rates it does not show the table after selections are made. That makes it hard to see what limits I might want to impose on specific users for each category or us as a group. 

It doesn't matter if you are exploring Ting or a current user. The new presentation is inferior and less user friendly. It is a step backward. Don't make your website visitors click more times to get the information they want to see. OR have to do it multiple times to make comparisons. Someone at Ting should rethink this web page. AND please, PLEASE bring back the original, excellent, easy to use table?




  • Hi Dan,

     Thanks for the feedback. We like to hear back from our customers about everything and always appreciate when people share. It's been a split with the new rates page design, some users like it because they find it less confusing while others miss the ability to see everything all at once. There's been some discussion about it but no plans to change at the moment. I'm glad you found the link to the old table since rates haven't changed and it's still applicable. I will give your feedback to the team in charge of the website so that they can hear your thoughts on what you liked about the old table so that they can take it into consideration during their next meeting. 

  • Once again here I am looking for the easier to use rates table and it's still not available. I just received a usage alert and we're not to far away from the end of our month so I wanted to see if I could save a few dollars by disabling something. But darn it I can find that old easy to understand chart to show me the rates. I guess Ting is not interested in keeping it's current clients happy and more interested in luring in new ones. That's too bad.

    I'm seriously looking at going back to Google Fi. I just ordered my SIM card and if it works in my current phone (testing a non Fi phone - I'm hearing it should) I'll bid you adieu. Furthermore, if it works I may move our other phones to Fi too. Google Fi  has a multi plan for phones too; though it's not quite as good as yours. But you won't give me the information I need in a simple easy way to access it.

  • This was also covered in a separate forum post so it's certainly something we will be discussing. Here is a screenshot of the old rates page to help for now: We definitely believe in keeping mobile simple and providing you the information you need with a simple way to access it. The goal here is something that works for both current and new customers so we will look at ways we can improve the page and chart to find a happy medium.

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