Obnoxious Ting Android app

No, sorry, I don't want to give Ting access to my contacts, for whatever reason.  Since there is no alternative provided, I have no choice but to uninstall.  Notching Ting down one level on my coolness rating.




  • Hey Eugene, 

    You're absolutely free to deny that permission. It's not stated explicitly, but the contacts are never transmitted to our servers. The only reason we ask for them is so that if you view your Ting bill, you see friendly contact names rather than a phone number you might not otherwise recognize. 

    The app works fine without the permission.

    If you're still not comfortable with the app, the mobile website should suffice for most things. Just access ting.com on your mobile browser. Everything should be there, including billing history, device settings, usage info and your RAF code.

  • I installed again and this time I was permitted to deny the access.  The previous time through, it said: "Ting would like to blah blah blah" and the only option was OK.

  • Just to clarify:  A screen pops up that says "Ting would like to access your contacts, etc. etc. etc."  There is only one option: "OK".  If you click on OK, you get the Android screen that gives you the option of permitting or denying the access.  But when I am presented with a screen with an "OK" button for something that is not actually OK with me, I have to cancel it.  Because once I click  OK, as far as I know access has been granted and the app can do anything it wants.  It would be better if the Ting made it clear that this was an explanatory screen that was saying why it wants access to the data.

    Sorry for going on about this, but I have a big problem with the number of permissions that Android apps ask for.  At least now with Android 7.0+ you can deny individual permissions without totally disabling the apps.  With old versions, it was all or nothing: either give the requested permissions or else don't allow the install to complete.

  • I understand completely. I think the pop-up was put in there last time because we used to just ask for the permission, and lots of people didn't like that. 

    I'll talk to the guy who develops the app and let him know it should be clear up front before we ask for the permission what it does. 

    Thank you again for your feedback!

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