REG 99 Error, WiFi Calling

This has been a persistent issue that I contacted CS several times about. I have been trying to get WiFi Calling working, but I keep on getting an REG 99 error. With the help of a dialer code, I can see that it says the IMS Registration Status is not registered which I have heard is related to WiFi Calling. A new sim card was sent to me and that didn't resolve the issue and several signals we're pushed to the device. Also, the E911 address was updated. WiFi Calling is enabled under my ting device settings. I am on an LG G6 US997. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hey Daniel, 

    I'm looking into this for you. I did verify that things look to be okay on our end, but I flipped a couple of switches off and on for you (the Ting equivalent of 'Did you unplug it, and plug it back in?') just in case. 

    If that didn't fix it, reply back to one of the support emails you received asking if it can be escalated to our network provider to investigate why WFC isn't working on your G6. It's on the supported list, so it should. 

    Before they get back to you, you can always also try clearing data for the Phone app. Here's how you do that. After that, reboot and see if your phone can connect to WFC, or if it still spits up the REG 99 error. 

    I'll be monitoring this thread just in case you're still stuck and want me to dive in and help the guys figure it out.

  • Hi Mitch,

    I cleared the cache and rebooted, but it is still throwing the REG 99 error. It looks like it might need to be escalated to the provider.

  • Daniel, 

    Because it's not an urgent need, just send an email to laying out the steps you've taken to try to resolve it, and asking if the network provider could be roped in to help see what the problem is. 

  • If it's GSM, it seems T-Mobile has zero activation support for Wi-Fi Calling on unlocked phones. So Ting won't have Wi-Fi Calling either. From what I've found, it only works on Ting using T-Mobile locked phones.

  • It really does depend on the phone. The phones have to have the credentials for T-Mobile WFC written into their code, or they won't be able to connect. 

    Here's the list of phones that should be compatible. Typically, unlocked out-of-the-box phones like the Motorola Moto G6 will work with Ting WFC right away, without much additional setup. Some phones may require you to set your address on your dashboard, and still others require an update from us. 

    It's not a perfect science, sadly. And you're absolutely right, what we've found is that T-Mobile-branded phones work best with Ting WFC, as opposed to out-of-the-box unlocked phones. 

    But that doesn't mean we're not keen to try and troubleshoot with you, if you're having issues.

  • Support spent about a day on it before they gave up. LG G7 ThinQ Unlocked and purchased straight through Ting Store.

  • I have a similar issue on my Moto G5 plus (amazon branded, unlocked), running android 8.1, but the REG99 error is not continuous, it's intermittent.  I can sometimes get WFC back by toggling wifi calling, or by restarting, but it doesn't last.  Particularly annoying b/c I also intermittently get "no ting service" messages at work, even sitting by a window in the middle of a big city.

  • Steven, 

    The RED99 error should really only happen when we don't have your address on file or the feature isn't provisioned correctly. I don't see where you opened a request for this yet, so that would be my first step for you. Once the address is set and the device provisioned, the REG99 error really should just up and disappear on its own.

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