Website login with 2FA enabled is confusing

This is a request to update the message shown when you have 2FA Authenticator App enabled on your account. I switched from SMS 2FA to authenticator a while back. Now, when I log in, the message shown requesting the 2FA code is the same one as for SMS 2FA (basically to check my phone for the 2FA code you sent it). However, I forgot I made this change to the authenticator app, so this message is confusing. It should have told me to check my authenticator app for my code.

I know its something small, but given all the website accounts I have, I dont always remember whether I have setup 2FA SMS, 2FA Authenticator, 2FA email or U2F so getting the right message for where to look for the required 2FA is helpful so im not sitting there waiting for an SMS message that will never arrive.



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  • Hi Julio,

     It can be frustrating with all the various forms of second verification options and knowing which one to expect. This is an interesting request and one I haven't thought of before. I'll bring it up to the team that handles it to see what they have to say. I'm not sure if it will be an easy change but we can definitely see if something can be done.  


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