Am I the Only One having issues with Android 9.0 (Pie) getting the Sept 2018 monthly security update?

My phone is a Pixel XL running Android 9.0.   It's Ting GSM using T-Mobile.  The phone runs fine, 9.0 is the best android upgrade so far IMO.   

But I have an issue.

On Nexus or Pixel phones running later versions of Android, there is typically a Security Update every month. And I can see online that's there is an update available early in Sept 2018 but can't get it.   I haven't been prompted to install the update and going through Settings and doing  "Check for Updates" doesn't work either.  It's 9/26, I've never had to wait this late in the month for an update.  So I'm starting to think something wrong.  

So has anyone successfully installed the Android 9.0 Sept 2018 Security Update on a Ting phone?  Either by being prompted to install it or by requesting it ?  If multiple Ting users are having this issue, it makes for a better case to take to Ting Support.  At this point they're saying they havent' heard of this problem. 

If more than one person is having this issue on Ting phones 



  • Hi Richard,

     Software updates are pushed by our network partners so we're on their schedule for them I'm afraid. I took a look around the internet though and did see that others are also waiting for the update as well. They are usually pretty good at getting the updates out so I'm not sure what the delay is this time. 

     I'm going to keep an eye out for you and if I hear about any update I'll be sure to let you know here. 

  • Thanks for info Bryce...  I searched the web too but didn't find the info you referenced.  I thought I was the Search King of the Internet... The King is dead long live King Bryce.  

    As you said, T-Mobile has been quick up till now, so I'm wondering if someone over there is asleep at the "yet 'er go" button.  

    Thanks again.  

  • No worries. I did have to do a pretty deep dive to find that thread and I'm sure I only found it because it started to gain traction as more and more people noticed the update hadn't come yet. Which it still looks like there's no update today but I have my eyes out for it. 

  • Richard, 

    If you've got another defunct SIM card around, I suggest trying what Essential users are doing. Insert the non-T-Mobile SIM, request the update, install and put your Ting SIM back in.

    The other SIM doesn't have to be active. It just has to not be T-Mo.

  • Hey Richard,

     People online are starting to report that the update has come to them. If you get a chance today check your settings and see if it has been pushed to your phone.  

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