Daily usage limits.

I have a college student, and she's a little lazy about making sure she's on wifi.  A daily usage limit would help both of us control this better.



  • Jon, 

    I mentioned that you could set up caps daily on your Ting account, but there's a better option: Datally. 

    Google’s data-saving app can now set daily limits and show a map of nearby Wi-Fi networks.

    Right now, it's only Android, so if your college student has an iPhone, we'll need to find a better solution.

  • Even the month cap doesn't work; how about fixing that first?  I regularly have a kid going into the 800 or 900MB or higher data usage and his cap is set at 98MB.  I'd rather him learn to be responsible than turn off data completely.  

  • The mobile usage alerts will only take effect once the session that puts the usage over completes, think if it like a phone call where the usage is only reported after the call is terminated rather than updating in real time.

    If the cap is that low and the session is 800-900 MBs then it sounds like the data sessions are high/long enough that they are still accounting for a lot more usage than intended. Going back to the phone call analogy this is like setting a cap for 10 minutes of talk time and then making a 100-minute call. A daily limit would not necessarily have an impact if the usage is still being split into larger sessions than the cap is set to.

    The best solution might be to have him try and make sure he is keeping the data sessions short or avoiding things like streaming video when off of Wi-Fi. Its also a good idea to get in touch with support so they can double check those usage alerts just in case, and see if we have something else we can offer to help out. 

  • You know what works? Make your teenage pay the bill for the excess consumption.


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