Didn't receive the FEMA emergency alert test

I didn't receive the FEMA Emergency Alert test message today.  Does this just not work on Ting?



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    From Wired:

    In the coming weeks and months, FEMA engineers will work with the FCC to produce a report detailing how successful the test was, and where the delivery may have failed and why. Simpson says the agencies will likely have a broad understanding of how well the test went within a few days.

    FEMA wants to hear from people who had trouble receiving the alert. If you didn’t get it or if you received it multiple times, the agency asks you to email them at FEMA-National-Test@fema.dhs.gov. The IPAWS team wants to know the make and model of your phone, who your carrier is, whether your phone was in the same location for 30 minutes after the test, whether other people around you got the message, and whether you were using your phone at the time.

  • It should have. I received the alert on all three of my Ting phones. While Presidential Alerts aren't supposed to be allowed to be disabled, can you verify that it's enabled in your messaging app settings?

  • The only thing I've disabled is Amber Alerts.

  • Well, I'm in range of a cell tower, using a WEA compatible phone, and I'm not in airplane mode, so the only thing left that that article mentions is the provider.

  • We're absolutely compliant. I'm seeing other reports of users of other MVNOs (Project Fi, Visible, T-Mobile) who also didn't receive the alert. It looks like it was either a successful test (in that they found holes that need to be fixed) or that it wasn't an "everybody" test. 

    Some users report toggling WiFi forced the message through, too.

    I'd like to think that in an actual emergency, the alert would be sent several times.

  • Was your data off? I didn't get it and my data was off. 

  • My data was not turned off.  I sent an email to that dhs address with specifics.  I'm giving up on Ting and switching to Fi.

  • Before you leave, just know that Fi users have the exact same issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/ProjectFi/comments/9l42dq/did_anyone_else_on_fi_not_receive_the/

    It's likely you not receiving the alert wasn't even related to Ting at all. Users on AT&T and Verizon networks are also reporting not having received the message, despite other users on the same network receiving it at the same time.

    This is why they did a test of the system -- to see what works and what doesn't, and figure out what needs to be fixed. Clearly something is broken, and the DHS needs our help to fix it. 

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