Add to Cart in the Ting Shop missing?


Would it be possible to have a cart in the Ting shop?  

I am trying to buy multiple SIM cards and it seems to be impossible (as of this post) to purchase both the CDMA and GSM cards in one transaction (to save on shipping costs).  On each SIM card page, there is only a Buy Now button.  Once in the checkout, I am not seeing a way to add more SIM cards to the same transaction.  



  • Hi Peera,

     Thanks for bringing this up. It's something I am going to talk to our team here about and see what they say. I know you can buy multiples of the same product but can't add a second item through the shop page. On our backend, we can do multiple items on the same order so in the meantime you can reach out to our support team and we can give you a hand in creating that order for multiple SIMs. 

  • You can order the Z1/X1 pack which we offer since many newer phones tend to be able to use either SIM/network so long as they are unlocked. To confirm if your phone uses the Z1 (CDMA) have a look at our Finding your SIM guide.

  • Thanks for the info, R. Bryce and Christian.  It took a little effort communicating my scenario, but Denise W. was eventually able to help out. 

    Christian, is the Z1/X1 a new SIM card in the Ting shop?  In the shop, when I pick CDMA, then for the brand/device selected Google/Pixel 2, it results in giving me the CDMA Z2SIM. 

    By the way, for both the Z1/X1 and the Z2SIM pages, there is the note at the bottom:  "Please note our GSM sim card is a one and done scenario, if you decide to change your number, you will need to purchase a new one."  <--How does the GSM note apply to each CDMA card? 


  • Peera,

    Glad to hear Denise helped you out, she's pretty awesome.

    : )

    The link here ( will get you to the pack but there is no Z2/X1 pack currently.

    The difference with the SIMs is that on CDMA is that different models of phone are set up by Sprint to use different SIM cards. As far as the difference between them and GSM SIMs it comes down to what they are actually for; A CDMA SIM is required for activation to provide an LTE connection (for LTE devices) whereas the GSM SIM is absolutely required to be active and in a phone for that phone to have service. This is because the phone number is actually attached to the SIM on GSM, so to change the number you would normally have to change SIM cards.

    With that being said the warning is really a general statement since we can and will change numbers for users that are being spammed etc, but we aren't able to accommodate changing it several times, nor can it be done from your Ting account. On CDMA you could theoretically (from your account) deactivate and reactivate your phone as many times as you wanted, it's just that we would bill $6 per active phone number on the account so we still definitely suggest doing that via support so they can help. Once a GSM SIM is deactivated we have only a couple days to recover the number before it is reassigned, and we can never assign a new number to that SIM once that happens.


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