Pixel 3

Obviously it's not even out yet, but does anyone know yet if Ting can support the new Pixel 3 line?



  • The Pixel 3 has the required bands for Ting GSM and Ting CDMA, and previous Pixels have worked on their network. I'd guess an unlocked Pixel 3 is almost certain to work on both their networks.

  • Hey Molly, 

    We definitely will be supporting the Pixel 3 on both our GSM and CDMA network when it releases. We are still waiting to see if the Pixel 3 will be using the same CDMA sim card as its predecessors. 

  • awesome, thanks!

  • Got my Pixel 3 today. It takes a nano sim but Ting's device activation tool said the sim from my Nexus 5X is incompatible (Gets all the way to the activate step before saying "LTE SIM card is not compatible with this device"). Getting a new sim shipped to me but I'm wondering if I really need to.

  • Hey Brian, 

    Congrats on purchasing your new Pixel 3! If you are looking to activate your device on the CDMA network then it would require a different sim card from what the Nexus 5X uses. If you require any assistance with activating your new Pixel 3, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Just got a Pixel 3. Most everything seems to be working but I have a message that says "Couldn't set tp Wi-Fi calling" with an error message. (That seems to have left my notifications just when I need to provide the error code...) It says I need to contact my service provider. Hoping you have a solution. The phone seems to be working fine but  when I try to make a call from within my office, I often get a server error. If often drops  calls as well.  Probably the same issue.


  • Hey Ken, 

    Have you turned WFC on in your Ting dashboard yet? That's the first step. Once that's done, enabling WFC on your Pixel should prompt you to update your E911 address. If it doesn't, we can do that for you at help@ting.com or 855-TING-FTW. 

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