Spotty service and outrageous firs bill

I don't know what is going on here... I had a GSM phone from Verizon that I previously had running on Cricket, which also uses the same T-Mobile network as Ting... Never had a spot of trouble with either Verizon or Cricket. Upon switching to Ting, call quality was almost non-existent inside my apartment, and in all the areas I use to get good t-mobile and verizon service resulted in almost no phone or Internet signal with Ting.

The bottom line was when they sent the first months bill: $130 for 2 lines. There is absolutely NO excuse for that, as that far exceeds the unlimited plans of all other prepaid carriers, and most other post-paid carriers. I can understand their model to a degree, but there should be a CAP on service charges once you reach a certain amount.

So, given the terrible performance in terms of coverage, and the terrible bill, I simply will not be using their service. They have to be using a scaled-back or limited access T-Mobile network, given the shoddy performance.

Of course, my experience is not alone. My mother had also switched to Ting for her service. Randomly, 3 days after she signed up and activated her phone - they promptly disconnected her services for no apparent reason - just out of the blue.

With that said, I simply bought a prepaid AT&T sim card and a $50 a month plan through them, and am happy as a lamb. Maybe if you only need spotty coverage (even were the map says their is converge), and don't plan on doing much calling or data usage - then they can work for you; but be warned, you might well be better off with an unlimited plan; for anyone who uses any amount of data - they will charge you an arm and a leg. 



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  • Hi Landon,

     Thanks for reaching out to us to let us know what's going on. We always appreciate hearing from our customers and want to clear up anything we can because we want mobile to be simple. There seemed to be some sort of miscommunication at some point because we do not use the same network as Cricket (they are owned by AT&T). This is why you are not receiving the same coverage as you were before. Towers get upgraded by our network partner all the time but if you are experiencing poor coverage we may not be the best fit for you. 

     As for the bill I can't talk about yours specifically in an open forum like this but if you were to contact our customer support they could open your account and take a look to see what is going on and why phones were disconnected. I can say if you have heavy usage though we might not be the best fit. We're upfront about our rates and do offer a soft cap on data to prevent extreme bill shock (the cap is at 5GB). We want to put people in control of their phone bill which is why we offer usage alerts to be created by the customer, they can be set to help control costs and manage what is being used but it sounds like an unlimited plan may be a better fit for you which is something we don't offer at the moment. 

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