Add billing cycle end date to account alerts

It would be extremely helpful if account alerts included the date the billing cycle will end. The alerts I currently receive read: "Your Ting account dashboard is set up to alert you when your account exceeds XX minutes in monthly usage. At the time this message was sent, your account had used XX minutes." I propose adding the sentence: "Your current billing cycle will end on October XXth."


I know I can log in to my account and look it up, but the whole point of the alert is so I don't have to take the time to log in and check my account as often. Since I have alerts set to shortly before reaching the next pricing tier, if the date was included I could see an alert and say to myself "oh, it's only halfway through the month, I need to budget for the next tier" OR I might say to myself "the billing cycle ends in two days, if I put off making that really long phone call until this weekend, I can save on my phone bill this month"


This would make the account alerts much more helpful.



  • Hi Virginia,

    That sounds like an idea that would make things clearer and we are all about that. I've passed on the idea to the team that handles these requests and definitely added my two thumbs up, for what its worth.

    Hopefully, we can get this done for you, thanks so much for the feedback!

  • I agree, need to know the billing cycle dates.


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