Ting's online credit card page is broken

 I'm trying to complete a purchase using my credit card.  The Ting credit card payment page says the card was declined. Ting tech support says the input fields are case-sensitive.  This is nonsense.  I've shopped all over the internet using my credit card and yet to have a problem anywhere else.  I tried every possible combination of upper and lower case, "Drive" vs "Dr." vs "Dr", etc. to no avail.  I contacted my bank and they say they see no attempted transactions at all from Ting.  I've tried another card.  Same thing.  These are cards with the two largest banks in the US.  My guess is, their online credit card page is broken, and they won't admit it.

The solution the support folks recommend is for me to READ MY CREDIT CARD DETAILS TO THEM ON THE PHONE.  When I ask them if it doesn't work for me, why would it work for them, they shrug.  Seriously, READ my credit card details to the CSR??  Yah, that sounds *really* secure.  Maybe he could jot them down on a post-it and stick it on his monitor.

Seriously Ting, fix your credit card page.  How hard can this be??  I've shopped all over the internet using my credit card and yet to have a problem anywhere else.  If you can't even handle the tech on the SALES side -- i.e. receiving money -- then I have to wonder what the service and support is going to be like afterword.



  • did you get this resolved I am having the same issue may go somewhere else.

  • If you're having an issue adding a card the best bet is to contact support so they can assist with adding it. There are no issues with the system but banks can be very particular as far as ensuring that the information submitted matches what they have on file 100%.

    For support to assist this will require reading the details over the secure phone-line to the representative and we certainly protect that information as vigilantly as possible. With that being said if you would rather not go that route you also the option of looking at adding the card via Amazon Payments, which can be used for recurring payments. We would also suggest checking your bank statement to ensure the address information you are entering with Ting matches completely with what your financial institution has on file, this is a pretty common cause for the issue you are having, as far as updating/adding a card.

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