Which multicarrier version of LG V20 work on Ting?

Anybody using the V20 here?  Which model?

I know the unlocked TMobile version (H918) would work, and an unlocked Sprint model (LS997) would also probably work.  But would a Verizon version (VS995) work?  How about the US Cellular model (US996) which is often listed as "factory unlocked" but may be missing some TMobile bands.

I'm on my second Verizon/Samsung phone on Ting for voice and it's fine, but those are older models and Verizon has also just changed their unlocking policy so phones aren't automatically unlocked for GSM anymore.  Some people on other forums report issues with using the Verizon phone on TMobile.

I'm looking for the model with the widest carrier compatibility, and a single phone with Verizon + GSM would be a nice option.






  • Hi Marci, 

     You're right that the H918 and LS997 models would work but a VS995 model would work as well. The only difference between the H918 model and the VS995 model is going to be that the VS995 model doesn't have band 12 listed which can cause a lack of connection on our GSM network if band 12 is prominent in your area. 

     The one with the widest compatibility is a toss-up between the H918 and VS995 and might be determined by the area you are using it in. 

  • Thanks, Bryce.  Here's the TMobile coverage map that allows you to zoom in on very specific areas to see the coverage with the different bands and how well they're supposed to work indoors and outdoors.  It's not perfect, of course, I've had issues with indoor coverage where the map shows I should be fine, but it's a start.


    A listing of the TMobile frequency bands.




  • We offer service on both CDMA and GSM so it would be best to check coverage for both on our coverage maps and go from there. On the GSM map, you can enter the exact address to get the local frequencies to establish if there will be band 12 (700 MHz). With Band 12 being used more and more for VoLTE we would suggest a model that will be compatible since Band 12 is used for that VoLTE on our GSM network.

    For GSM you could use the Verizon variant, but miss out on Band 12. This means that you are relying on 2G which is slowly going away. For GSM the H918 is definitely the way to go, though sadly it does not seem to support Wi-Fi calling.

    On CDMA you definitely want the Sprint model (LS997) as we know it will work on the network it was made for. In general, it is not possible to move CDMA carrier specific models from one to another. The Sprint model also lists CDMA Wi-Fi calling capabilities which is nice to have.

    If you're in the market for something that can more or less use any of the big 4 you want a factory unlocked model direct from the manufacturer, the multi-network phones in our shop fit the bill or you can also take advantage of our personal shopper program to get a hand tracking something down that fits your needs.

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