MAKERphone - an educational DIY mobile phone ... on Ting?

Hello -


Do you think this will work on Ting?


MakerPhone comes as a kit you assemble and code to create a working mobile phone


MAKERphone - an educational DIY mobile phone


SIM800L GSM chipset (the thing that calls other people) with built in Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz.



Thank You!








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  • Yes, that should work on Ting. BUT, I wouldn't rely on it for anything other than a novelty.

    It lacks any LTE connectivity at all. It says specifically it uses 840/900/1800/1900 quad-band GSM, which is fine if you live somewhere that our network partner hasn't refarmed away all the 1900MHZ.

    Without VoLTE compatibility (which it doesn't have probably because that would drive up the price due to licensing), the phone will probably connect to the network, but it's a dice roll as to whether or not it would actually receive any phone calls or text messages outside of the novelty factor. 

    So, yes, but I wouldn't use it as an actual phone on Ting.

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