Text messages when travelling internationally, and other travelling questions.

We are planning to travel out of the USA for 2 months. We both have Nexus 6p phones currently running on Ting's CDMA network.  We also have an Ooma Voip phone with a mobile app that runs over wifi. There is no Ting wifi calling option for the Nexus 6p. Also, the last 6 days of our travel we will be in the Cook Islands which has little wifi and what they have is expensive, even at our hotel. 

Last time we traveled we:

--forwarded my ting number to the VOIP phone, so we'd receive voicemail when at our hotels. 

--In my phone I put a new sim card in for the countries we are travelling in, so we could call hotels etc.while in that country.

--I believe we forwarded calls from my husband's phone to the VOIP phone when we departed from the US airport,  then stopped forwarding when we arrived back at our USA airports, so we could make calls as needed when in the USA..

BUT her's the thing:  When travelling, all text messages sent to us were lost--none arrived.  

My questions are:

Is the setup we described the best one?  Is there any other method travelers are using? 

Is there a way to salvage text messages sent to us while we are away?  

I assume that if we tried to "roam internationally" we would NOT get any text messages--even just SMS-- unless we enable "data roaming"? 

Any input welcome!  




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  • Hey Shirley,

    That's a pretty good setup, though as you mentioned the SMS will not be forwarded. You would receive SMS if International roaming was enabled but not MMS (picture/video/group messages) or another option would be looking into an app that would forward them for you, preferably automatically. As far as roaming there is no charge for texts received, but you would pay a surcharge for each text sent (and data/voice usage as well)

    I would probably go with a combination of roaming (for SMS if needed) and a local SIM (for data/voice) while looking to take advantage of Wi-Fi wherever possible. You do have options though so feel free to reach out for help brainstorming and most of all have a great trip!

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