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is there a way to block number from even coming to my phone? With my previous you could make a list of calls that would even make it to the voice mail. They would get a message stating that they were blocked.

Is this available with Ting?



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  • Hey James,

    While we can't do that from the network there are options for stopping those annoying calls, whether its a telemarketer or just someone you'd rather not hear from.

    Our blog post on how to block unwanted callers covers some of the built-in options available on most phones, both iOS, and Android.


    Own a device that doesn’t inherently offer call blocking? There are also options via some apps out there like Hiya, for which we also did a bit of a spotlight recently on our Ting blog.

    Another popular option, since it also offers visual voicemail, is YouMail

    So, in conclusion, there are definitely a few options out there to avoid scam and other annoying phone calls. Failing all of the above we could also even look at changing your phone number for you, if it does come to that.

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