Nokia Phones in the Shop?


  • Hi Robert,

    The review is definitely positive and the possibility of regular updates is definitely a plus, we've seen that with some Android devices that is not always the case.

    As far as the specs it looks like there is a Latin America model that would work quite well on our GSM network with access to bands 2,4, and 12. 

    It may be worth holding out to see what it out there come black Friday but this is definitely a solid option if you can get the most compatible model.

  • Christian,

    Are you saying that there is a possibility of carrying Nokia in the Ting Store at some point?  That was really the root of my question; if the Ting Store planned on carrying Nokia.

  • Honestly, I can't say for sure (fingers crossed!) but it would seem unlikely. As far as the here and now there are no orders/shipments pending but if we could get access to them at a price that would allow us to offer a great deal it could happen.

    Our priority with the shop for some time has been to offer factory unlocked phones that operate on both CDMA and GSM networks to offer maximum flexibility. If you aren't seeing anything just right for you there we would also be happy to help via our Personal shopper program.

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