Setting Up An Account Pin Being Suggested On Calls + Caps & Toggle Features Settings Needing To Be Looked At

I have been using my phone + hotspot to test out Ting's mobile and data services. I currently do not have wifi, and have been using my hotspot as my primary means of connecting to the web. I recently had an issue where my data caps were preventing me from utilizing my data, and came to find that I had totally forgotten about setting them. The caps were turned off, and the issue was fixed. About a day or so later, my data cut off out of no where while I was in a conference call, and shut down completely. I had to wait till the next morning to call back in to customer service, and was told that I had to verify my account through a code sent to my email- but couldn't being my data source was through my phone. I asked for any other possible way, and the rep explained that there was none, other than using a primary number (which my account doesn't have listed). He did however say that he would contact another division to check on any outages, and send a general email indicating whether there were any. He sent an email stating that there were outages.

I was basically out of luck, until I was able to get a family member to let me utilize their hotspot from another service provider- to verify my account through a new call. After asking about alternate verifiable options, the new rep mentioned being able to set up an account pin, which I of course accepted. I know just about everyone has access to additional internet services, but it should be a thing to offer setting the pin and/or other alternate verifiable options for customers- especially being it's more convenient and can help process a call in a more timely manner. I felt that it was ridiculous that my service was still dysfunctional after almost a whole day, so decided to randomly call back in the evening. Come to find, there was another cap or feature of some sort, that was turned on (in the system somehow, cause I didn't mess with it)- preventing my phone from processing data. The rep mentioned that that was indeed the issue, basically dismissing any relevant outages. It wouldn't have been as much of a deal if I was just at home chilling, but I actually am required to have my phone + data for work, so I missed out on basically a whole day of work and a whole bunch of other things I was suppose to take care of. This problem was resolved, but happened again today. At this point, I don't know what's going on, but something needs to be looked into. 



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  • Hey June, 

    We'll definitely take your feedback into account for our next round of training.

    Permanent PINs are, by design, less secure than the two-factor authentication we request by sending you an email. While it might be more convenient, it gives lots of other people, including friends and family who could reasonably guess a PIN you'd set, complete access to your Ting account, including porting phone numbers away, adding lines, charging things to your card and turning on costly services like international roaming (off by default).

    This may not be a concern for you specifically, but our PIN system is absolutely intentional and designed so that only the person who set up the Ting account is the one we talk to -- not a friend, spouse or relative who only has a phone on the account. We take account security very seriously. That's why we're not proactively promoting permanent PINs as an option. 

    The limit you hit, designed to prevent bill shock, is by design and is always under review by our team. Given our current data prices, it's unusual to hit the pre-set limit without knowing it's there. It's set up on every Ting account under the "Caps and Alerts" section of your Ting dashboard. We do it that way because the last thing we want is someone to sign up for Ting thinking they'll save money, as they're new to our "pay per bucket" system and get a bill for a huge chunk of data they weren't even aware they were using. The cap can be removed by you on your Ting dashboard, or it can be removed by any of our agents. Once removed, please understand there's nothing preventing your Ting bill from exceeding that cap, which could result in higher bills.

    There is another safety lock on our end (not on your dashboard) if you exceed another significant amount (10GB) of data, and that can be removed by any Ting agent. However, if you'll regularly hit this second safety lock, understand that data alone on Ting then runs you ~$100 (10GB at $10/GB), not including anything calls, messages or line fees.

    If you've got further questions, please feel free to follow up with me here or send another email to asking for me specifically. I can follow up with account specifics there.

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