Will Ting be able to support the new Apple iPad Pro 11" and 12.9"?

Just got through watching the Oct 30th Apple Keynote and was wondering if Ting supports or will be supporting the Apple iPad Pro 11" and the 12.9"(3rd gen) that were just released?  It's listed as an eSim device, but I'm not sure if it supports an additional nano sim. Would love to know. Thanks.



  • At present, we're still not able to activate eSIM devices. But all the carriers seem to be having issues, too. Rest assured they won't open up that ability for us until they get a handle on it.

    According to GSMArena, the iPad Pro 11" does support a standard nano SIM. You'd be able to use that on Ting until we get approval from the carrier partners for eSIM.

  • That's a shame. I'm currently using Ting for one phone, AT&T for another (because I have an Apple Watch too), and T-mobile for my iPad. Would really like to move everything to Ting but I can't bring my Apple Watch or iPad so I'm stuck. :/

  • Hey James,

    We can support most models of the iPad, you can check the IMEI/MEID on our BYOD tool to confirm and verify what SIM card would be required for activation.

    In the meantime, we definitely want to bring eSIM to Ting and will be doing our best to make that happen. Once we have news on any developments as far as making that happen it will be all over our blog so keep a look out!

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