The Data Usage app and Ting.

Curious about how data usage is counted by TIng and by my separate "Data Usage" app.  Today, on the last day of my billing cycle, Ting says my phone used very low 38mb of data this month, and of course that's what I'm billed for.  But the Data Usage ap says I used 77.6mb.

Is the Data Usage app just wrong, or does it count data differently?

In both cases wifi data use is counted separately. The "Data Usage' app separates incoming and outgoing data. 

Anyone got an answer? Thanks



  • Hi Jim,

    The data usage we present on your account is verified directly from the tower and accounts for any and all cellular data used by the device. This is often different than what is seen on the phone since most phones will omit some data usage that occurs in the background.

    In your case with the app showing more usage than the account, there are some possibilities, the one that jumps out at me is there could have been a slight delay in the tower reporting the usage. Its also possible the app is tracking the data use in real time whereas it would only add to the Ting account once the data session was closed like the minutes of a phone call only being added once you end the call.

    It could also be that the app is not accurate but the best bet to confirm would be to allow some time, even as much as 24 hours, for the usage on the Ting account to update. 

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. It's not a time delay. I've checked ten or twenty times over a few months. The app always reads lots higher. Hard to imagine this very popular app is consistently, badly wrong. It has to be counting something quite different. 

  • Late but... it could be that the phone is also counting any SMS messages that used a portion of data to work, ie. photos messages or some emoji's. Those may have been logged via the phone's app but when it come to billing those allotted data amounts are deducted from billable data. Messaging is messaging, data or otherwise. But billable data usage is the amount shown on the bill. This is how it was explained to me months ago by a rep here at Ting.

  • You've got it exactly right, Davin. 

    On smartphones, MMS are billed as data. On feature phones, MMS are billed as one text message and the data. That's how our networks are designed, and how we're billed. 

    What's nice is that means if you only ever send group messages (MMS) in a given month, you could successfully avoid getting charged for any texts.

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