LG G4 (CDMA) to OnePlus 6T (GSM)

After three years of loyal service, I think I'm ready to retire my LG G4 and replace it with a OnePlus 6T. I have some time before it's delivered, and now seems like a good time to get my affairs in order.

1) The G4 is currently activated on Ting, but is a Sprint device and therefore CDMA. Since this phone is unlocked and on GSM, will I need a new SIM card?

2) If I need a new SIM card, can I keep my current phone number or will I need a new one?

3) Anything else I need to be aware of changing bands from CDMA to GSM?



  • 1. Yes. You'll need a GSM X1 SIM

    2. You should be able to transfer everything over by using ting.com/activate. It should ask if you'd like to use a GSM SIM card, and if you'd like to bring your existing Ting phone number. You can keep your Ting number. In the unlikely event you have trouble with it, or it seems like it's not going to let you keep your number, send us an email at help@ting.com or chat with us at ting.com/support.

    3. Yes. You absolutely need to know beforehand if the GSM network is going to work for you. As the networks aren't identical, you'll want to check the GSM map on ting.com/coverage. Because the 6T isn't CDMA compatible, if the GSM network doesn't work out for you, you'll have to go back to the G4 or pick a device that is CDMA network (read: Sprint) compatible. Be prepared for this possibility.

    But if it works out for you, it looks like a great phone!

  • 1) Thank you! It should around the same time the phone does, so that's perfect.

    2) Excellent, so that part of the process doesn't look any different than using a new SIM on the same band. I've always loved how easy you guys make this stuff. =)

    3) Good point! I just loaded my usual haunts into the coverage maps, and they appear to be mostly equivalent. If anything I may have slightly better coverage at work, but I know the coverage maps can't possible cover every variable (like the building I work in being a curiously thoroughly impenetrable lead-lined lean-to). At my house, it claims to have all four icons in the 4G LTE bands, which may actually be slightly better coverage than I'm used to. Part of this will be an experiment, since my wife will still be on CDMA with her Galaxy S8. If GSM seems better, we'll factor that in for her next phone.

    I'm looking forward to this upgrade. The ol' G4 has been a good companion, but has really slowed down over the last year, despite full factory resets. And try as I might, I can't find a battery that feels like it holds a solid charge. Fortunately they don't cost much, but having the ability to change the battery hasn't really worked out for me. Also, it gets frighteningly hot under mild use. The 6T seems like a good step up.

  • I had the same issues (overheating, battery not lasting) with my LG G4 when I eventually did upgrade to an LG V20, and then shortly thereafter to the Galaxy S7 Edge. That device is now starting to show its age, but it supports enough features and has enough battery life at the end of the day that it's going to take a lot for me to upgrade out of it. Though, that 6T looks mighty good -- 8GB of RAM blows the 4GB S7 Edge in my pocket out of the water. 

    Both networks have their strengths and weaknesses. I see a lot of customers remark on both sides that one network or the other just doesn't cut the mustard for them, and that's part of why we pushed so hard to get a second network option. Pending merger aside, we really like the flexibility of finding something that works without having to compromise on our pricing model.

    If you're looking at repurposing your G4, I always suggest turning it into an Android IP Webcam so it gets a second life as a security camera. And there's always Swappa.

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