Horrible coverage

I can't tell you the times I can't send text messages. AND my incoming messages I get 4 hours later what the fuck. Horrible. I wish I never left at&t.



  • Rachel,

    This might be related to the phone you're using. What model of phone is it?

  • I have an S7.... I never had any issues with at&t, and I end up paying more a month with ting.

  • If you purchased the phone from AT&T and later unlocked it to be used on Ting, that could be why. While the phones are identical in hardware, the AT&T software restricts some features on other networks (like Ting) that can cause issues like missing text messages or calls.

    But first, you should reach out to the support team at help@ting.com so we can troubleshoot. Sometimes, it's just a network reset on our end that resolves these kinds of problems.

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