Activation Instructions

I was wondering if it would be possible to add activation instructions with purchases?
I understand the SIMs order generally have link and details on the packaging however our devices do not.

A customer suggested this and I think it may be handy. after all the agents i have asked no one could determine why we do not have these instructions available.

I understand we want to save the trees so maybe not include paper copies but links to the steps with purchase orders would be beneficial and appreciated. If you can't send the links with the orders why not stickers on packages? I'm aware that most information is generally available in our KBase. But some of our less tech-savvy customers may find it helpful to have links or signs to point them in the right direction.



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  • Hey Angelica,

    This seems like a great idea that could make life easier for folks activating and support agents alike. Its been added to the list of items up for discussion at the next feature request meeting and we will look into the feasibility of making this happen.


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