Apple iPad 6th Generation CDMA


I am very interested in buying the 2018 Apple iPad 6th Generation with LTE compatibility (straight from Apple, so I assume it would be unlocked). I do not have access to one in order to check the MEID or IMEI. I really want to know if I can get service on that iPad BEFORE I spend ~$500. I could not find any definitive proof on the "Finding your SIM card" page.



  • Hi Garrett,

    Looking online at the specs for the unlocked model in the US it will indeed work with both our GSM and CDMA networks.

    We would not be able to activate an eSIM/Apple SIM however so it would be necessary to make use of a standard Ting GSM or Ting CDMA/Sprint SIM. From what I see the z1 would work on CDMA but it would be best to have the MEID to confirm the exact SIM for CDMA just in case.

  • Thank you so much!! I feel a lot more confident about ordering one now.

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