Samsung S6 from Sprint Isn't Seeing Ting

Ting ported the number and activated the phone, but the phone still has its old number and wants to use Sprint. The Ting web site indicates that there is no problem. The phone acts like it is still a Sprint phone. When I try to call, the call goes to Sprint. The old number still shows in the settings. I'm thinking there must be a way to update its configuration so it has the new number. I just don't know how to do it.

Background: The original number from this phone was ported to a different phone, which is still a Sprint number. Then the phone wasn't used for about six months. I decided to move a number from Verizon to this phone and use it with Ting. According to Ting, the phone is okay. I'm pretty sure the phone configuration is the problem.




  • Never mind. I found the answer: "Update Profile" in settings. It is working now.

  • I'm glad it's been resolved, and I'm sorry I wasn't around to point you in that direction. Keep us updated if it continues to be an issue.

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