Data rate change

Lisa Nguyen

I see the rate is not fair for users when using more or less. $3 1-100 mb is so little. My avg usage is 200-300 mb. $10 101-500mb which I know is benefit but I waste 200-300 mb. There should be a rate for $5 100-300 mb would be great. And go from there.


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    Bryce W

    Hi Lisa,

     We're always looking at our rates to see if there is a better way to help our customers save. Right now there are no announcements for any rate changes but when there is a change we will have it on our blog.

     With your low usage, you may be able to cut it down, even more, to keep in the small tier. We have a free eBook that has helped people cut back on data while using the phone the same way. Feel free to check it out here.


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