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Referral Credits

Hi there, so I've referred 97 people and amassed over $2k in service credits, but with an average phone bill of $28/mo, it'll take me about six years to see the payoff. I'd love to keep referring more people, but there's not a true incentive anymore and I'd like to suggest that you consider opening up service credits for purchasing phones. If there was internet in my area, that'd work too :)  But really, I've enjoyed Ting immensely since switching over from Verizon several years ago and would love to see the referral credits expanded. Thanks for your time!

Tyler Oliver

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Hi Tyler,

 Thanks for reaching out to us. It sounds like you're really good at referring people but you've hit a plateau. The best people to ask about any next steps after the referral program would be our marketing team. What I might suggest is contacting through the ambassador program that we have here to see what else is possible. The link to contact is going to be here

 I hope this helps and thanks for choosing Ting!

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