Transfer from TPO and carrier settings/visual voicemail iPhone 6 plus on GSM

I recently transferred/migrated from TPO (did not support visual voicemail) to Ting. I attempted to follow the instructions for "Completing activation on the GSM network" but when I tap the Carrier Version (currently says Carrier 34.0-no Ting in the version name/number) nothing happens.

When I try to follow the instructions to setup/configure visual voicemail there is no setup now button/option under Phone app>Voicemail tab.

What do I need to do to setup visual voicemail? Is it as simple as you deleting my voicemail box or do I need to purchase a Ting GSM SIM card?


Thank you!




  • Hi Kristin,

    We're still working on updating the identifier for those TPO SIMs so that they can download our carrier version and take advantage of Wi-Fi calling and visual voicemail.

    For voicemail specifically, once the carrier update is available and has been applied there should be a prompt from your voicemail tab to set that up shortly after.

    If you're looking for something in the meantime YouMail would be an app that could provide that service until we have an update.

  • Thank you, Christian!


    Since my phone supports CDMA and GSM, would a quick way to get all of the Ting features be to purchase a Ting SIM card? If so, do you recommend CDMA or GSM?


    I appreciate the help!


  • Actually, the update is meant to take place tonight for thone on GSM so I'm glad you reached out!

    We suggest for anyone like yourself looking to update that you ensure your phone is turned on and with network signal tonight. If you don't see Ting in the corner tomorrow (as the network operator) just restart the device and that should do it.

  • Thank you, Christian!!

    I just wanted to follow-up and let you know that the network update happened exactly when and how you said it would. The update has resolved all of my carrier version issues and visual voicemail is back!

    Happy New Year!

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