Ting Rep: conflicting response

Last month our Ting bill was MUCH higher than normal because our Wi-Fi was down. I called Ting and a rep agreed to let me pay half (one of the reasons I loved Ting). I went to put some money on a prepaid card and called Ting again. Now the rep demands full payment. This made me crazy. I think that I am dropping Ting now.



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  • Hey Terry, 

    I can't go into account details regarding payments, but I can say that while we will accept partial payment for a month of Ting service, we're not able to restore service until the whole amount has been paid. You can still contact us to pay half, but until the bill is paid in full, your phones will still be disconnected. 

    Once the amount due has been paid in full, we'll be able to restore service as agreed.

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