no service

 I have had no service for the last 3 days. this is insane. not only at my home but on the road and at my studio 30 miles away. do i get credit from ting when this happens and why is it happening? aggravating.



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  • Hi Cheryl,


    Sorry to hear you've been without service! 

    If the phone is not connecting in such a wide area it seems like the issue is not signal and we need to work out how to get it to reconnect. Please try restarting the phone as I've gone ahead and reset your signal on our end.

    If you get in touch with support and confirm where this is happening we can have the local towers checked to determine if they are the issue and credit where appropriate. Another option would be enabling Wi-Fi calling on your phone to see if that helps establish a connection where you do have access to Wi-Fi.

    We understand wanting to have this resolved ASAP so we would suggest calling or chatting with support to get help right away as we can troubleshoot in real time and help get to the bottom of this. 

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