SIM Transfer?

My Motorola G4 broke. I have no idea what's wrong with it; I can't answer any calls (can't hear anything); can't play video; can't record video. It seems to have to do with anything that addresses the speaker/microphone.

I purchased an unlocked LG G5 off eBay. When it arrives, can I simply transfer the SIM from the Motorola into the LG and activate, or do I have to buy a new SIM?




  • Hi Rich,

    Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry to hear about the phone. I'm sure you have gone through some troubleshooting with it but if you haven't tried any feel free to reach out to one of our live agents who can see if there is anything that can be done to get it working right again.

     As for the switching over to the new phone, it all depends on which network you are on. If you are on the CDMA network you would need to order a new SIM card for the LG G5 but if you are on the GSM network you would not. GSM SIM cards save your phone number on the SIM card itself while on CDMA the phone number is saved to the device itself. 

     If you're not sure which network you are using with Ting it will tell you in the Device Settings section of your Ting My Account or feel free to reach out to us by phone, online chat or email and we would be happy to take a look for you. 

  • Hi Bryce,

    Yes, I'm on the GSM network, so it sounds like I can transfer it. I may give you guys a call, but I'm a somewhat technical person, and I think it's a hardware issue at this point. Months ago I pried a pebble out of the headphone jack. The phone worked fine after that, but this weekend, I used the headphone jack, and I think after that it stopped working.

  • Oh, that could do it with the pebble and then something shorting out. Feel free to reach out to us though, it doesn't hurt to have a second person run through some troubleshooting just in case. 

    With being GSM the switch over to the LG G5 will be a breeze. You'll need to add APN settings to connect to data on the phone. I'll give you the link to that here but let us know if there are any problems when the new phone arrives. We're more than happy to help!

  • Excellent; thank you very much! New phone is supposed to arrive Monday, so I'll be trying this then.

  • Phone arrived and is set up. Everything seems to be working. Thanks for your help! I have a follow up question:

    This phone contains a bunch of T-Mobile apps. One of them is Unlock Phone. I suppose since I'm on Ting's network that this is why it says it can't be done every time I try. Is there some way to unlock this phone at this point?

  • For that, you may have to ask the seller. If it was able to jump on to our network it should be unlocked but a follow up with the seller might be worth it to get some more insight on the situation. 

  • Wound up rooting it and installing LineageOS. There was way too much T-Mobile and LG stuff on it. Jumped back on the network and everything seems to be working fine. I guess that means it's unlocked, but I also guess that doesn't matter, since Ting's GSM service is through T-Mobile, right?

  • Sounds like it is unlocked and yup that is our GSM network partner. 

    Glad that everything is working and you were able to root it. I'm always worried about doing something like that myself but if you are able to make the phone the way you want I personally believe that you should. 

  • Well, I seem to be having issues with MMS on this phone. I can't send or participate in them, but I apparently can receive them. I have verified several times my APN settings are correct. Do you have any idea why this wouldn't be working?

  • Hey Rich, MMS does require a data connection to work, so if you're connected exclusively to WiFi, or you have your Ting data turned off, that could be why you're not able to successfully complete MMS messages. 

    Because you're on our GSM network, you might also just need a quick network reset. Our support team ( can take care of that in just a few minutes over chat or the phone. 

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